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NOTA NOTA is the gate to beauty and wonders that connect creators and designers from around the world and enable them to design their perfumes and share it with the universe. NOTA NOTA is a new concept of mixing perfume, a concept that would be part of your daily routine side by side with your coffee machine, So you prepare your perfume before you go out and wear unique perfume for every day, night, mood and event.

Your personal touch

Each one of us has his personal touch that he is proud of. You might express it by art, article or style. Today NOTA NOTA added a new way to express yourself by design and share your unique perfume.

Nota Nota

Smart and elegant, this is how we describe NOTA NOTA machine. Smart in a way that all NOTA NOTA machine connected to the internet, to enable users to be in touch with each other. It is designed to be an elegant machine in your living room; it will be part of your daily life, that you will never miss. You will start to design your perfume by the app, only with a click by your smartphone to the NOTA NOTA machine, and here is your perfume for the day, made at sight professionally and accurately.

Nota Nota App

NOTA NOTA APP is your tool you use to controle the machine. You aslo will use the app to design the perufme, give the machine order to produce it. But this is not all the story, this app will be your key to NOTA NOTA socail network which will be ritch of perfume designs that will be ready for you to prepear and wear.


NOTA NOTA cartridges called “Tola”. Some TOLAs have absorbing fragrance components, like Musk, Oud, Vanella. Other TOLAs describe aromatic nature so can take you away to the Sea or Library! TOLA is the basic composition, and with the smartphone application, you can design your unique perfume mixture.


The perfume you designed called NOTA. Every NOTA spells a different story, tells YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH. You will start by designing your NOTA virtually via the App,you can test your perfume through your creating mood. When you reach to your perfect design, you will able to save your NOTA then share it with the world.

"your personal touch"

Reaching this stage, you will be able to order from the machine to produce the perume in 5ML countitiy, and enjoy your day expressing your self by your personl touch.


Where the imaginative designers can meet and share the creativity; their NOTAs. NOTA NOTA experience starts with the machine, the TOLAS, NOTAs the story completed with NOTA NOTA social network. The social network is a stage to popularize the fragrances and to provide the inspiration to your unique daily fragrance. It is also the place where artists will leave their comments, impression, and will share new ideas and thoughts in the world of perfume design.

more to come

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