Frequently Asked Questions

What quantity of perfume does the machine produce?

The maximum quantity the machine can produce is 5 ml, which is the perfume bottle capacity.

Can I control the machine directly without downloading the NOTA NOTA app on my mobile?

No, the machine is controlled exclusively via the NOTA NOTA app. You can open the lid and change the TOLAs by pressing the machine button, but designing your NOTA and sending the command to produce it must be done via the app. For production, you need to be connected to the Internet.

How can I buy the fragrances (TOLAs)?

The TOLAs used in the NOTA NOTA machines can only be bought from the NOTA NOTA website and stores. TOLAs have been designed and made specifically for NOTA NOTA machines. The fragrance is designed to be mixed easily without any prior knowledge about perfumery. In addition, the inner body of the TOLAs is manufactured for NOTA NOTA fragrances.

Does the name ‘TOLA’ represent the term Tola that is well-known in Oriental perfumery?

The naming of TOLA is inspired by the term tola, which refers to 12ml of essential oils. However, our TOLAs are different: they contain 15ml of fragrance and the fragrances are synthetic and diluted (Eau de Parfum), which is not the case with the tola oils.

Are the TOLA fragrances natural or synthetic?

The fragrances used in the TOLAs are synthetic. However, they can contain small quantities of natural essential oils. The main reason behind this is to maintain the same quality of aroma over time to enable users to share their NOTA designs.

How many TOLAs are currently available

There are currently 23 TOLAs, which you can use to design your NOTA. NOTA NOTA introduce new TOLAs permanently to give our users a greater choice and richer experience. The TOLAs have been categorized in families. The current families and TOLAs are:
– Citrus: Bergamot, Neroli.
– Flowers: Jasmin, Magnolia, Taif Rose.
– Green, Herbs and Ferns: Moss, Ar’Ar
– Spice: Saffron, Tobacco.
– Sweets and Gourmand: Vanilla.
– Woods and Mosses: Sandalwood, Oudh, Patchouli, Samar
– Descriptive: Marine, Powder.
– Animalic: Leather, Amber, Musk.
– Fruits: Roseberry, Watermelon, Mango.

Is NOTA NOTA available in the market?

Yes, NOTA NOTA is available in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. Currently, we are developing our international sales channels. If you are not living the countries listed above, then you can subscribe to our mailing list and we will inform you when we start selling in a new country.


How can I buy NOTA NOTA?

You can buy NOTA NOTA:
– From NOTA NOTA E-store
– Stores where NOTA NOTA is presented, as listed on the home page.
– Attending NOTA NOTA events, which we run in Saudi cities. We will announce all events on our website, Instagram account, and by sending newsletters.


  • The Machine: SAR 2699 . Including TOLAS Collection (12 Tolas) + 42 Bottles
  • TOLAS: SAR 59  for each Tola (15ml)
  • TOLAS Collection: SAR 649  for 12 Tola (15ml)
  • Bottles: SAR 159  for 30 bottles.

Is there a warranty?

The machine has a 3 year warranty, without the need to present any evidence of purchase. When you buy a NOTA NOTA machine, it is ours, and we will be responsible for fixing it. Any maintenance will be free of charge during the 3 year warranty period.

What is the maintenance procedure?

NOTA NOTA will cover the cost of maintenance for the warranty period. If there are any issues with the machine, you will be able to contact us using the app. Someone from NOTA NOTA will come to your address to carry out the necessary repairs. If you live in a city that doesn’t have a maintenance site, you will be asked to send the machine to us, at our cost, and, once repaired, we will send it back to you.

Having an Issue with your Machine?

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